Benefits of Pursuing Finance Related Courses at Financial Planning Academy

A career in finance and wealth management offers plenty of scope for growth and monetary success. Candidates who are expert in Finance related matters can consider pursuing a wide range of Finance Courses in Mumbai. In fact, companies that provide financial services are witnessing quick changes and a plethora of opportunities for growth and advancement in areas such as banking, equity capital markets, investment banking, trade finance and retail banking among others. In this article, learn more about the finance related courses in Mumbai and the benefits of pursuing finance courses via FPA.

The Importance of Finance Courses

The finance and banking sector is always looking to hire qualified finance professionals to grow their businesses. This is precisely why candidates who are currently pursuing their college degrees and even working professionals can take advantage of Finance Courses in Mumbai. The finance related courses impart adequate knowledge, expertise and skills to individuals, enabling them to apply the same for improving financial situations and returns.

 In India, one has the option of pursuing a range of finance related courses such as the CA or Chartered Accountancy course, MBA in Finance from leading institutes, Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Public Accountant, CIMA and ICAI as well as FRM.

Depending upon your requirement, skills and ability to assess different financial matters, you can undertake numerous finance courses such as the CFP or Certified Financial Planner, Diploma in Banking & Finance and ACCA course in Mumbai. Each of these courses will prepare you for a successful career in the field of banking and finance. After the successful completion of different finance related courses, candidates find exciting job roles in leading finance and banking companies.

Why FPA?

When it comes to pursuing finance related courses, candidates can turn to the FPA. The FPA or the Financial Planning Academy was founded to provide financial education and training to aspiring candidates who intend to carve their career paths in the field of finance & accounting. As far as the FPA is concerned, it has been duly recognized by the FPSB or the Financial Planning Standards Board, India to offer the CFP or Certified Financial Planner Certification, NISM or National Institute of Securities Market courses, Diploma in Banking and Finance by the IIBF and numerous other financial courses. FPA’s training module has been authorized as well as approved by the FPSBI.

The Board is renowned for offering over 150 hours of extensive classroom training. It also offers 4 hours of financial plan construction training and questions for mock test preparation. FPA is also renowned for offering a unique online portal known as i-Learn that provides topic wise study materials and notes in addition to online summaries for every single module. Candidates can also take mock tests in real-time for different modules along with the solutions.

The faculty members at FPA are CFP certified and also hold additional certifications. They offer both practical and theoretical knowledge of finance to help students better prepare for different finance related courses and examinations. Apart from this, the FPA also provides placement assistance and soft skills training to aspiring candidates that allows them to find suitable jobs in the field of finance and accounting.

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