Best Private Schools In Singapore

If this is the case, your only choice as a parent is to enroll them in one of Singapore’s top private schools.Because we aim to assist parents, we’ve compiled a list of the finest private school singapore that have shown time and time again that they can provide the highest quality education to pupils of all ages on the island. So, here are our recommendations for Singapore’s top private schools without further ado.

private school singapore

  • Internationalism and global learning are emphasized strongly.
  • International and interdisciplinary education
  • Focus on extracurricular activities like sports and the arts.
  • More options for learning a second or a third language
  • Placement of foreigners and ex-pats is prioritized
  • It is a modern facility equipped with the most up-to-date technologies.
  • Reduced student-to-teacher ratios
  • Teaching staff from across the world
  • Possess a high degree of independence

Private School Zhicheng

Find out why Zhicheng Private School is one of the private school Singaporeby visiting their website.

Zhicheng Private School has an excellent pass percentage in qualification examinations like AEIS and SPERS. It also offers a rigorous English Language course to assist students in preparing for various qualification tests.

Their courses are among the greatest and should be experienced by every student on the island.

Singapore American School

The Singapore American School is ideal for parents who want their children to learn like Americans. It is renowned for educating every student to be the most excellent version.

Beyond that, Singapore American School employs some of the most skilled and motivating instructors to assist every student in flourishing academically and holistically.

As one of the most outstanding private schools in Singapore, sending your kid to the Singapore American School increases their chances of getting into top institutions.

GEMS World Academy

One of Singapore’s premier private schools, GEMS World Academy, admits students aged 2 to 19. Its courses are recognized for shaping pupils intellectually, cognitively, emotionally, and socially.

Invictus International School

Invictus International School is one of the few private schools on the island with branches in Singapore and other countries.

It’s an international school that seeks to help pupils become better citizens of the country.It also has some of the island’s finest and most experienced instructors who will ensure every kid achieves in and out of the classroom.

 The Winstedt School

The Winstedt School can help your kids shine if they prefer to blend in. With their devoted staff of psychologists and educators, they assist your youngstersto break out of their shells.Their curriculum is world-renowned and focused on preparing your kid for prospects.

Nurture Pods

Nurture Pods focuses on providing individualized care for children with special needs. They provide services at home as well as lessons in their school.Its mission is to help kids grow to their full potential. They design successful, holistic, and complete programs for your kid based on research.

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