Best Tutoring Site to Help You with Your Studies

Are you wanting to make some improvements with regards to your studies? Wanting to get success in education has always comes up with the eagerness to sacrifice every aspect that comes along with it. Schooling hasn’t always been that easy and there are a lot of ups and downs to take. Especially when you are in the field of studying Mathematics and Biology subjects.

With that said, it’s an ideal step to extend your time in taking up some tutorial sessions with your ideal tutor.  But, if you don’t have the time to visit a physical tutoring center, online tutor classes are best for you.

In this article, we will be guiding you on how you can take on private tutor classes on one of the best tutoring sites today. You will also be oriented on the features and aspects they are specializing.

Getting to Know Aegis Advisors

Aegis Advisors is a tutoring organization that offers an online and private tutoring sessions for all ages. With them, your time will always be valued. They will waste a single minute doing nothing while you’re paying them. Aside from that, timing wise, they are offering you a flexible time frame to choose from.

Their major curriculum focused are the following:

  • IB PYP,
  • IB MYP,
  • IB DP,
  • GCSE,
  • IGCSE,
  • A- Level,
  • IAL,
  • Advanced Placement,
  • English,
  • Math, and
  • Science.

IGCSE English

IGCSE Math Tutoring

In Aegis Advisor’s IGCSE Math tutor, they have a proven track record in producing a yearly successful academic career for all their sessions. They have been operating for 12 years now, and their team of tutors has contributed closely with diverse students from various ages across school in Hong Kong.

For their class schedules, you can take the tutor by means of private or one-on-one, semi-private, and private group courses. For students who are unable to attend the aforementioned means, the online class is the best option.

Aegis Advisors offer a private tutoring sessions for the following English National Curriculum or Key Stage subjects:

Key Stage 1 – English, Mathematics

Key Stage II – English, Mathematics

Key Stage III – Science, English, Mathematics.

A-Level Biology Sessions

For their A level biology tutor they have sessions under their IGCSE Science curriculum. You can select for the time frame mentioned above. This always depends on your availability. All biology tutor classes will take together with subjects like Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Education. The company will always prioritize your concerns and all other queries regarding the tutor classes.

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