Child labour is one of the worst scenarios found in many parts of the world. Education comes under the basic need along with the food, shelter and clothing. The importance level of education is still not known to the people under poverty line and they indulge in sending their children for work. According to law, a citizen above 18 years is only eligible to render service at work. In most of the cases these rules are violated where the employer who employs a child is punishable. Childhood exploitation remains as a serious concern.

Around 168 million children have job with them and they work for few penny for hours that they find no time to go to school. Most of these children work at plantations, mines, factories, dump sites, car workshops where the nature of job is a physically hard one. Some parents send their child for begging, to work as prostitutes or to work as slaves in domestic areas. Trafficking of children, bondage to work due to debt, children in armed conflicts are all a high end utilization of children as labour. The major factor is they work for long tiring hours in an unsafe and unhealthy zone. The risks of their lives are high. The primary cause for such brutal act is poverty and this make greedy people to make use of their weakness.

In 1998, as per the survey conducted in India, has a total estimation of 12.6million children as child labours aged between 4 to 15 years. Interestingly this rate was greatly reduced to 4.98 million in the year 2009 to 2010, thus reducing childhood exploitation.


There are various factors on which these children can be guided:

  • Prime task is to educate the parents and encourage them to make the next generation to prosper with skills.
  • Motivating and educating the children about the effects of education and its benefits
  • Government strict rules to raise young buds and to give brutal punishments on offenders.
  • Providing good medical care, food and quality education at the government and government aided schools can make a change.
  • Encouraging many such communities who render such free service in bringing awareness will increase the number of such helping hands.


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