Excel In A-Level Physics With Great Tuition Centers

Physics is a vast subject that encompasses almost everything in our universe. Although this is true for higher physics, the physics taught at schools is pretty monotonous, making it difficult for students to score marks in the subject. A level physics tuition is one of the most sought-after tuition in Singapore.

Going for tuition is the next best option for those struggling with physics, although this is easier said than done. Finding the right tuitions can be a bit of a hassle, considering that there are several online and offline tuition centers open in Singapore. Getting the right A level physics tuition is a huge task, which is why we have compiled this list of the best tuition centers in Singapore.

From this list, you can find the right center nearest to you and join for great classes today!

  • Best Physics Tuition Center

Quite like its name, this is one of the best tuitions centers in Singapore right now. It is a homegrown center that has been at the forefront of several toppers tuition centers, making it a reliable choice for students struggling with physics.

It is led by Mr. Tony Chee, who is one of the top tutors in Singapore. He has won praise for his teaching methods and innovative classes which have paved the way for several toppers in the country.

  • Future Academy 

The Future academy offers a combination of both physics and mathematics, so you can go to one place for both. Led by tutors with expertise in a level and JC physics, this is one academy that is indeed looking to the future.

Mr. Jason Lau and Ms. Yvonne Chen are both highly experienced teachers who wish to spread their knowledge through simplified teaching of physics and mathematics. Each class is conducted with a small number of attendees, thus allowing the teachers to pay attention to each student and take care of their problems.


This is one of the few flexible tuition centers in Singapore. The tutor is Mr. Phang Yu Hon, who has a great resume and experience ahead of him. His reputation precedes him.

He offers students a chance to take one-on-one classes online or combined classes offline. His classes are also conducted via Zoom, which means that students can study from the comfort of their homes.

Physics is a difficult subject, but with the right tutoring and guidance, anyone can easily ace it. Getting the right tuition center will give your child a fighting chance to compete against their peers. These tuition centers place their students above all else, so you can rest assured that your child is in the right hands and will be cared for.

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