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The dimension that the researcher sees back concerns the actual or possible result: both approaches have a positive and a negative outcome. In the mythologized approach, the successful completion of the thesis can be experienced as a heroic act. Not being able to complete the thesis becomes a nightmare (“worst fears came true”).

The Best Scenario

In a positive no-nonsense scenario, graduation is “just” working hard and systematically and sticking to what is pledged under the motto: “You do it by doing”. The result is valuable, but without the mystique around it. And in the negative variant, the thesis primarily becomes unnecessary criminal work, which for unclear reasons one must perform within the imposed framework instead of doing something useful with a practical approach. They try to get rid of the least resistance through the way. Visit and there you will have the option to get the best paper helps now.

Many students struggle with finding the right academic writing style. Especially at the start of their studies, they often receive comments that their way of writing is not scientific enough. You develop a good scientific writing style in the course of your study by studying the writing style in the professional literature in the first place. A number of characteristics of a pleasantly readable academic style are:

  • objectively
  • correct
  • thoughtfully
  • impersonal
  • for Business

You can take the style test to analyze your writing style.

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Display information without your own ‘color’. Describe the perception, not the feeling. In practice it means that you have to pay particular attention to which words you choose. Many words have an emotional charge. Compare: slim or skinny, lay off or dismissal, regime or government. Try to choose the variant that does not reflect judgment or taste.


Prospective academics and other highly educated students are expected to have a perfect command of the Dutch language. Therefore, make sure your text contains no language and spelling errors. That makes a stupid and careless impression. Pay attention to the correct form and spelling of verbs (especially -d / -t). See also Grammar and Spelling and punctuation.


Don’t be satisfied with your formulations too quickly. Have you really chosen the right word? Avoid vague and empty words such as: things, things, or something like that . Also avoid stop words such as: say, of course, quite well. If you use expressions or sayings, make sure that they match the situation.

The controversy between the two ministers turned out to be based on a misunderstanding. So in the end it was a matter of finding nails on low tide.Finding nails on low tide means: making unfounded or insignificant remarks, littering. What you want to say here is that there really is nothing wrong.

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