IB Tutor HK – What Is IB And What Do IB Tutors Do?

The International Baccalaureate is a diploma program which is a part of an international high school curriculum. IB is the abbreviation often used for international baccalaureate. It is a program aimed at developing knowledge in individuals who have an inquisitive mind and a goal to succeed.

What Students Can Opt

Students are to opt for six subjects in total. These subjects must include three subjects at higher level (HL) and the other three at standard level (SL). With this, the students are also expected to complete the extended essay, theory of knowledge and the CAS (creativity, action and service) requirements to complete the program. IB is a highly competitive course and is recognized and accepted by some of the top universities in the world. The most prestigious colleges and education institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong considered this qualification of great value.

In Hong Kong a lot of students are following this curriculum in order to get admissions in some top-class universities as it is a globally accepted program. For this, some require proper training and assessment. For that there are IB tutors available. These tutors help in shaping a student’s capabilities by providing academic assistance in order to get through to this program.

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Professional IB tutor HK – What subjects are covered?

  • Language and Literature
  • Language Acquisition
  • Business management and economics
  • Geography and history
  • Philosophy and psychology
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences (Physics, chemistry, biology)
  • Arts

How to get through IB?

Apart from the academics, IB puts a heavy demand on managing the time, communication, independent learning, individual growth, research skills, confidence and self-motivation. Taking up the IB program is often a challenging but learning experience. The course pays attention on communication; therefore, the students must focus on their spoken and written English in the early years of schooling. The IB tutors offer services to improve the students’ skills, as well as assist them with development of other language skills igcse math tutor hong kong.

The students take regular lessons every week with intensive practices to boost their grades. During the holiday season, the tutors pay more focus on students’ learning process to ensure good time management. The students when joining these classes can rest assured that they will get proper and close guidance during the entire course period, as well as at the time of universities’ applications process. The IB tutors also give guidance in choosing good colleges and help with filling out the applications so that the students are fully sure of what they want. Students can hand-pick the tutors who will give them comprehensive understanding of the format and expectations in the IB, all the while ensuring that a student goes into the exam room confident and with a good performance strategy.

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