Kidstyping – All You Need To Know About The Dancing Mat Typing

If you are looking for websites with the best typing-game list for children, Kidstyping is one of the most trusted names on the web. They have a wide variety of games that you can choose from depending on their typing skills and learning abilities of your child. The computer is slowly becoming a part of their education and as a parent, teaching them young is very important.

Dancing Mat Typing – The #1 Typing Training Program For Kids

Dancing Mat Typing is one of the best typing training programs for kids and is highly recommended by Kidstyping. This is perfect for parents who would love to teach their kids the basics of touch-typing. This game has a total of 12 stages, perfect for children of all ages because of its attractive characters and challenging obstacles. The game starts slow where the child can learn techniques like correct hand positioning. The game will then progress to a much difficult task and once your child passes a stage, parents are able to print a certification to reward the child.

Dancing Mat Typing Level 1.

This level is all about accuracy where the stages will include a warm-up and different hand exercises that can help your child remember what they practice which can help them perform better. On this level, the child will be introduced to a cast of animals that can help keep them focused and entertained. The stage will start off with tutoring the child with finger positioning for the home row keys which is the essential foundation in improving their typing skills. As the stage builds, more lessons are taught. By the end of this level, the child will be able to determine the correct finger positioning when using the keyboard.

Dancing Mat Typing

Dancing Mat Typing Level 2

This is the next level of the stage which will be more challenging than the Dancing Mat Typing Level 1. On this stage, the child will start to learn how to correctly type the letters “e” and “l” using the correct fingers on the keyboard. The child should now be able to use the middle finger of his left hand to type the letter “e”, and the middle finger of the right should type the letter “l”.

Dancing Mat Typing Level 3

As soon as the child passes the Dancing Mat Typing Levels 1 & 2, you can now let him proceed to the last stage, the Dancing Mat Typing Level 3. At this stage, it features the letters “r” and “u”. For this stage, the main focus is for the child to learn how to use the pointer finger or the index finger on his left hand to type the letter “r”, while the pointer finger or the index finger on the right should type the letter “u”. In addition to that, he will also learn that using his left index finger, he can also type the letters “r”, “f” and “g”, while the right index finger can type the letters “h”, “j” and “u”.

Using the correct fingers and the proper hand positioning as you type on the keyboard is very important when talking about the health of your fingers and your hand. This will equally distribute the work to prevent hand and wrist problems in the future. The Dancing Mat Typing is the perfect lesson for kids in order to teach them different tricks and techniques when using the computer.

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