Know About Job Vacancy In Singapore

There are many job options available in Singapore. The types and basis of work will be different and that adds up to the wide range of options. One can apply for whichever job he or she is comfortable with. The job vacancy in singapore is out from time to time, one must make good use of it and grab the opportunity. Jobs can be classified into many types. Let us have a look at it.

Classification of jobs

  1. Employment type – employment type jobs are further divided into two. They are:
    1. Full-time employment
    2. Part-time employment
  2. Contract type – contract type jobs are also divided into two. They are:
    1. Temporary or job based on contract
    2. Permanent job
  3. Business sector – business sector is a vast category and it is not possible to mention all the business sectors. A few major ones are-
    1. Engineering
    2. Finance
    3. Health care
    4. Accounting
    5. Human resource
    6. Agriculture
    7. Science
    8. Information technology

Permanent job opportunity

Studies show that permanent jobs are less in comparison to temporary or ones based on contract. Some of the posts in which permanent jobs are generally available in Singapore are-

  1. Human resource coordinator – this job does not require any special achievement. A diploma in any field is just enough. The job is a good chance for someone with no or very little experience as it also accepts candidates with 0-1 year of experience.
  2. Assistant head – for this job, candidates with a security certificate that is relevant to the job have a plus point. Good interpersonal and communications skills are a must. One must have 5-6 years of experience which is relevant to the job.
  3. Payroll manager- one must hold a bachelor’s degree in business or human resources with a work experience of 5 years at least.

Not one, not two, there are more than 250 job opportunities available in Singapore. Most of the positions have a job vacancy in singapore. Job satisfaction is another factor one must consider very important if one wants to excel in a particular field. One may select any one of his or her choices and work hard to get that position. All the jobs are great and give huge opportunities to a person to grow. There are highs and lows in all the fields be it in service or business. The one who stands still and does not let the lows affect him or her is the winner.