Know all about PSLE examination

The School Leaving Test (PSLE) is first national exam that all Grade 6 students must appear for at the conclusion of their six-year primary school education. Every student is expected to be assessed in at least four courses that assess their linguistic, mathematics and scientific competence, as well as their knowledge and reasoning skills and abilities.

The PSLE scores are unquestionably crucial for every student’s future since they will decide which high school they may attend. As a result, many parents, students, and instructors place a high value on the psle online above everything else in elementary school since it has the potential to influence a student’s future career decision. The PSLE Examinations, which are held yearly in October, may be very difficult for our darling 12-year-olds, but they are a requirement of the Singapore educational system and thus must be passed. Given the significance of the PSLE, students should get acquainted with all aspects of the PSLE, including its scoring system, forthcoming dates and topics, as well as syllabus material and other relevant information.


It is possible to get a Distinction in your PSLE subject with every little step you take in preparation for the PSLE. This will bring you one closer to your ideal secondary school as well as your desired profession and future. Our PSLE Knowledge Hub has everything you need to start planning, revising, and preparing for the PSLE today. Many parents have expressed concern that the current PSLE grading is difficult to understand, particularly in light of new Achievement Levels (AL) scoring formula. Understanding this PSLE scoring system, on the other hand, is essential for everyone since it allows you to strive for the highest possible result and prepare for which secondary school to attend.

A coordinating committee of officials from the Education Ministry, and also principals and instructors from the four language streams, was established when the PSLE was first introduced. A consultation group was also formed for each language medium to ensure that everything ran well. With the assistance of the coordinating committee and the each consultative committee, the Ministry of Education selected the examination topics, with the scope & weightage of each subject established by the respective consultative committee. Either the first or second languages, mathematics, physics, history, and geography were among the topics covered by the PSLE, with all test questions provided by the Ministry of Education. The marking & scoring were carried out by designated school teachers who followed a set of agreed criteria.

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