Myths about a Career in Real Estate

Real estate has never been the go-to career choice for many young graduates because of its conventional and unstructured approach. However, since the RERA was introduced, the situation has been steadily improving, bringing about much-needed change. It is now a well-organized industry run by professionals. Even though it promises massive growth like any other sector or industry, it is not receiving the attention it deserves as a lucrative career choice. The belief stems primarily from widespread misconceptions about the industry.

There is no work hierarchy in a legacy business 

We understand that starting as a developer is not an option at the start of your career, but it isn’t the only one. There is a hierarchy in place, much as in every other industry, with different specializations corresponding to different career paths. Not everybody who works in real estate has a family history in the industry. Marketing, finance, interior design, engineering, customer relationship managers, and analysts are only a few of the real estate jobs that require a degree and experience in the same area. Reputable corporations also employ CEOs who are not from real estate families to manage their businesses.

Only extroverts have a chance of surviving 

While being an extrovert may be a prerequisite for certain job roles, it is not a criterion for all positions. For sales and investor practitioners, being fluent and articulate in conversation is a must, but the rest of the industry is welcoming to extroverts, introverts, and even ambiverts.

Broker is the only profession that pays well 

Being a broker does guarantee any amount of commission, which is the most false myth of our time. This cannot be considered the only well-paid job in the real estate industry. Project engineers, facilities managers, architects, designers, corporate relations professionals, and regional managers are examples of corporate positions that pay far above what local brokers receive on each project.

Starting a career in real estate is easy and straightforward. However, there is a cost in terms of time, resources, and effort. You are your own boss as a real estate agent. You’re a self-employed contractor who manages your own book of business. You are the one that makes the decisions. When you combine a positive mindset with a strong work ethic, the potential for your real estate business to flourish is nearly limitless. You assist people in their largest transactions as a real estate agent.Real estate agents get great satisfaction from assisting clients in finding the ideal home or selling their property for a profit. Both buyers and sellers are anticipating an exciting time, and they look to the real estate agent as the specialist to guide them through the process while providing outstanding client service.

In most states, you can complete the necessary training, become a licensed real estate agent, and begin a new career in as little as a few weeks or months. Validum Institute is a Registered Training Organization providing you access to nationally recognized real estate courses.

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