The Best Student Accommodation in Southampton

Southampton is a fantastic city for further education, boasting a host of fantastic colleges and universities, including the University of Southampton. Because of this, Southampton is very student-friendly, with great infrastructure, a vibrant nightlife, and plenty of great options for student accommodation.

This makes is easy to find the best accommodation for your own needs. Not all students look for the same thing in their accommodation, so it’s great that there is no shortage of options for anyone studying at a college or university in Southampton.

Knowing Your Options

If you are looking for the best student accommodation in Southampton, there are two main options available, both of which have plenty of advantages. So, it’s often a case of determining what you need most from your student accommodation to find your best choice.

Halls of Residence

The quintessential student accommodation, halls of residence is available for students of the University of Southampton, making it a fine choice for anyone attending here.

Nothing quite compares to staying in halls of residence. It’s the best option for anyone looking to make friends and meet new people, with students from all walks of life staying here. This often leads to a fair amount of partying, so if you’re looking for a quieter place to live then halls of residence may not be the best choice of accommodation.

One drawback is the lack of control over who you live near. While you get an individual room, you’ll be sharing a kitchen and other amenities with many other students, so many prefer to avoid this to ensure they get their preferred living arrangement.

A great aspect of halls of residence is their location. They are very close to the University of Southampton, so are certainly convenient, while most are found close by to shops, bars, and other handy services.

There is also a good variety of price options for halls of residence, even for those on a tighter budget – which is most students of course!

Private Accommodation

The second option for student accommodation in Southampton is private residence. These are typically tailored towards students, such as studio apartments and shared housing. As a result, private accommodation is perhaps the most versatile of options for students.

This is often a necessary form of accommodation for many students in Southampton, especially those in their final years of studying and anyone attending an establishment without their own halls of residence.

There is plenty of flexibility in any case, as you can find almost every type of private accommodation out there. From a single room to an entire house, private accommodation can be found to suit all budgets, although those looking for a good location may need to pay more.

Private accommodation near the city centre is certainly in high demand, so living costs are often higher as a result. That’s not to say there are more affordable options available – they may just be found further away from the heart of the city.

That said, many renters include fixed costs with their private student accommodation, meaning there are places where rent and utilities are included, which is a good way to save some money.

Benefits of private accommodation include more choice over your living situation, having the option to live alone, great central locations (in most cases), and much more independence compared to halls of residence.

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