Top Rank International School in Bangkok with High Standard Quality

Best school accredited by International Standards

Advance technology and business competition nowadays become a triggered of education for our young generation. Thailand as one of leading country in Asia has to increase the education level in order to have the strength to compete with other country. In order to do so, government and private parties in Thailand have work together to give high quality ofeducation standards to young generation. One of the top ranks International School in Bangkok is Ascot International School, which follow England and Wales National Curriculum.

As an international school, Ascot applies English as secondary language (EAL) system for every grade student. During the admission period, every student candidate should take an English test to check their current English level. The test would be conducted for free. After the admission process, you can choose the programs which start from Early Years, Primary Years and Secondary Years.

Early Years Program

This program designed for nursery and kindergarten age which is divided into 3 main steps; age of 2.5 in Nursery class, age of 3.5 in kindergarten class, and age of 4.5 in reception stage. As a foundation stage for your children, International School in Bangkok thought about 7 majors; 3 primes and 4 specifics areas. The prime subjects are communication & language, physical growth, and then social and emotional development. Meanwhile the specifics subjects are literacy, math,introduction about the world, and basic art.

Primary Years Program

All classes in Primary Years program thought to give the best learning experience to each student to develop their ability, talent, and skill.  Music program, language program, and specific homework are the other benefits that you can have here. Thai language and Mandarin are included in language program to prepare the student to communicate with their international friend from all around the world.

Secondary Years Program

Secondary years consist of 2 stage; the stage 3 and 4. A student with the age of 10-14 years old join the stage 3 and 14-16 years old join the stage 4. To support transition phase from primary school into secondary school, Ascot also provide a transition program that enable the student to prepare before they enroll to the secondary years program.

During the secondary program, student will thought about various program such as English, Math, Science, Mandarin, Geography, Art, History, ICT, PE, Personal and Social Education, Physical Education, and Thai language. All of these major is designed based on England and Wales National Curriculum with come modification to suit the Thailand national education requirement.

Ascot Football Academy

Sport is one thing to be considered in this international school. Routine exercise and training will increase children physical ability, and also their teamwork. They start to face their challenge, competition, and experience in a fun game activity. Ascot provides a professional coach in this academy ensure your children have a safe training.

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