Why Childcares encourage Outdoor Play and Activities?

Childhood experiences are affected by the changes in this modern society. Time for outdoor play has decreased, contributing to more inactive lifestyles, disconnected from the world outside. It is sad to see kids spending less time outdoor! What happens to kids when they encounter the trees and greenery? When they go play outdoors, observe nature? Such experiences can be fun, inspirational and exhilarating. More than anything, it aids in healthy development, positive self-esteem, autonomy, and confidence. Simple activities like watching the flowers bloom, or jumping in rain puddles, can make such a difference. This is why Baulkham Hillschildrens centre offers many outdoor activities to children.

Outdoor play in current society:

As an exciting and natural activity, play promotes social, cognitive, physical, and emotional health. Through play, children can think creatively, experiment, solve problems, assist others, etc. They gain a deeper knowledge about themselves and the world around.

The specific stimulus and features of the outdoor setting cannot be replicated by indoors. The outdoors is an open and continually changing environment, where it is possible to experience freedom and make contact with the natural elements. While playing outdoors, kids benefit from being exposed to natural elements, sunlight, and open-air, which play a part in a stronger immune system, and development of bones. Being physically active from an early age is particularly relevant to keeping away overweight and obesity.

However, these growing proofs about the importance of outdoor play do not seem to have an effect on the type of experiences our children have access to. Conflicting to what would be expected; chances for outside play are lessening, in consequence of technological expansion, globalization, and urban growth. So many factors keep parents from letting their kids play outside, although they know the importance of such experiences. The most important factor among all is that parents don’t have the time. This is also one of the reasons why parents send their children to Baulkham Hills early childhood centreIn these centres, emphasizing the importance of outdoor play, the activities are designed in a way that children spend some quality time outside and under the shade.

Few more benefits of Outdoor Play:

Improves physical development:

Physical activities are vital for physical coordination, growth, and body movement. When kids play outdoor their ability to jump, balance, climb, run, throw,and skip increases.

More friends!

Outdoor play provides an opportunity to gain social skills. As children interact, collaborate and negotiate with each other, they make more friends and their social skills improve.

Appreciate the natural world:

When they are outside, children learn about the natural elements. For instance, they learn about the change in seasons, the weather, and also animals.

Through the easy and fun outdoor activities provided in child care Baulkham Hills, our children learn more than we imagine!

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