Why You Should Enroll Your Child in a Bilingual Preschool

Choosing where to send for your child’s early years can carry so much weight on shaping their future. When we consider the diversity of our technologically advanced world, thoughts about competency, survival, and advantages come to mind as well. Do you think your child needs a bilingual education? There are many options around like Tutor Time (​ where your child can learn using Mandarin and English. But before you start your decision-making, here are some things that can help you weigh your options.

What is Early Bilingual Education?

Bilingual education refers to a setting where teachers conduct lessons in a second language that can either be mixed to their native tongue or using a complete immersion throughout the whole school day. An example is an english preschool hong kong.

Advantages of Bilingual Preschools

  1. Bilingual education supports cognitive brain development.

Research shows that learners who can think between two languages at the same time are also equipped with a sharper memory, quick attention switching, and inhibition. Usually, these students are better in multitasking, critical thinking, decision making, and problem-solving.

  1. Young bilingual learners have more opportunities for further education.

Early exposure to the universal language allows your child to have more options for higher education later on. Your child will be free to choose which courses to take in whichever university from whichever country they please. They can also take part in studying abroad or undergoing exchange student programs to expose them to other cultures better.

  1. Having bilingual education also furthers career possibilities.

Fluency in another language can make a job applicant stand out among other candidates. In this economy, most companies are envisioning globalization. Bilingual people have a distinct advantage, especially if they are well-versed in widely spoken languages.

  1. Pupils with bilingual education are more flexible and adaptable.

Learning a language can also mean learning about other people’s way of life. It’s not just studying about grammar, but about immersing them to various cultures. Bilingual education allows young scholars to be exposed to a global outlook and shows them that there is a big world out there for them to explore.

To help you make the perfect decision, you can check out different preschools and ​playgroup Hong Kong. We recommend Tutor Time, which offers complete immersion programs for children from 6 months to 6 years old. They have five locations all around Hong Kong, so check them out at ​ now!

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