Why you should take SAT test?

There are many individuals who argue about taking SAT and ACT. These are two of the most popular tests in the world and usually pop up when you are about to apply somewhere. Most of the individuals don’t consider the importance of these tests and overlook undertaking such exams. If you are also among such people, you may regret your decision. Here, we will take a look at why you should start your sat test prep and take this exam.

Requirement of colleges

Most of the colleges you’ll apply for are going to ask for your SAT test score. Regardless of which part of the globe you live in and which university you’ll apply for, there are strong chances that the merit score will consider your marks in the SAT test along with your other accolades. Also, some people look forward to the alternative of SAT which is ACT test. However, in any case, you’ll be required to pass one of the exams in order to be eligible to apply for a college or university.

Scholarships and SAT

There are numerous scholarships that are offered to individuals around the globe. These are to keep the students motivated to study and help them in clearing out any financial obstacle that may hinder their academic performance. If you are going to apply for any scholarship, consider its requirements and eligibility criteria. There are some very popular awards which will ask about your SAT test score and may give away the award based on your scores in the exam. Therefore, you should pay attention to the SAT test and you must try your best to score as high as possible.

Some jobs require SAT

If you are applying for a job, you might not necessarily be asked about your SAT score. However, in modern era, it is seen that some of the positions offered by certain companies would consider your SAT score too. You’ll be asked to produce the results of any SAT exams you took and in some cases you might be asked to take a test and improve it.

A blessing for those who don’t love science

There are individuals who are inclined towards math more than other subjects and don’t want to take any test that has a science section. Gladly, for such individuals, sat test prep would not be a tough ask. There is no science section and you’ll be able to bypass it if you are weak at science. Compared to ACT, the latter has a dedicated section testing your basic knowledge regarding science.

SAT gives you more time

When we discuss about attempting SAT or ACT, many people panic because of the time limit given. Well, considering the structure of the two tests at the moment, SAT gives you more time for solving the questions. For instance, you have about 1:23 minutes per math question in SAT as compared to only 1:00 for ACT. Similarly, for reading and writing questions, you have 1:15 to 0:53 and 0:48 to 0:36 minutes respectively.

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