Work profiles after completing ACCA course

ACCA is a reputed accounting body throughout the world. It has its presence in more than 180 countries. Known as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, it offers a global qualification for chartered accountants. There are 3 levels to pass, 13 exams, and 3 years of required professional experience. You can get enrolled in ACCA classes in Mumbai if you want to make the journey smoother. So, what are some of the work profiles that you can pursue after completing ACCA?

  • Governance officer – A governance officer plays a part in the governance role. This role is present mostly in not-for-profit organizations. The profile would mostly be for a person who is a senior vice president and has lots of experience. He would mostly be reporting directly to the CEO. When you complete the ACCA qualification, you gain enough experience to deal with people. You will be ready to handle business processes, emergencies, and business systems.
  • Auditor – One of the major responsibilities of ACCA professionals is to work as internal or external auditors. You would need to look for the company’s practices as an internal auditor. The job of an external auditor involves examining the financial statements and financial records of the organization. The ACCA course covers a range of financial auditing and related subjects. The ACCA certificate would show that you are well-trained in these subjects and are fit for international auditing.
  • Tax accountant – Tax accounting is governed by revenue codes and dictate the policies and rules that you would need to follow while filing returns. If you are a tax accountant, you would need to solve tax issues, report tax savings and assist your clients and corporates in filing tax returns. During the ACCA course duration, you would pick up these skills.
  • Business analyst – The job would entail analyzing the existing business processes and systems. You have to get the systems aligned with the right technology. You would even need to come up with a business model that will optimize the business processes through data analysis.
  • Risk manager – The risk manager is responsible for the major function of the company. They assess the financial risks and help the company to achieve its objectives. As a risk manager, you would need to assess the possible financial risks that might befall the company. You will need to come up with ways to control these risks and manage them.
  • Treasurer – The treasurer is responsible for managing the financial assets of the company. He can provide the overall financial insight that is required for your organization and act as the guardian or financial watchdog of the organization. He would provide insights on how to invest capital. In times of emergencies, the treasurer would be responsible to liquidate assets and have enough working capital for the company.

The work profiles that you can get into after completing the ACCA course are quite interesting. They will provide you with ample opportunities for learning and growth.

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