WSQ Certificate Course- Future and Scope in Hospitality Industry

Gone were the days when people only knew about a few career options, and their parents pressurized their children to follow their father’s footsteps and help him with his work. Now students and their parents are becoming smart and understand the requirement to change the old mentality. Today people are well aware of different career options and support their children with whatever career they choose. But now, with so many options available, which one to choose? Well, the answer depends on many things, including your interest, scope and pay scale in that field, and many more.

One has many different career options after the 12th standard. While most of the students go for engineering and medical courses and some of them, choose to prepare for government examinations, and many choose to make their career in Music or glamour industry or sports. But they forget that there are many more career options today for them. One of the career options that most students overlook is a career in Hospitality Industry.

WSQ Certificate Course

What is Hospitality Industry?

Hospitality Industry includes a variety of service industries in hotels, restaurants, catering, and many more. It is the business of making people feel welcome and relaxed and providing them with the best services and experience. There are many high-paying jobs with lots of benefits available in this field. It is an industry which will grow and can never be stopped as people will always have to travel to different cities either for vacations or for work and they can’t buy a home everywhere.

What are the courses available in Hospitality Industry?

As the hotel industry is growing rapidly, the craze of hotel and accommodation services among students is also increasing. There are different courses available for the hotel management field; some of them are:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Management
  • BBA in Hotel Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
  • MBA in Hotel Management

From where can we do the course in Hotel Management?

Many institutes offer courses in hotel management. If you are looking for a certified course in Singapore, Ascott is one of the best choices. It provides you wsq certificate courses which prepare students with the best skills and knowledge of the industry. The certificate is well recognized in Singapore and can help you land a good job in this industry.

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